How do they practice safe posing?
You may or may not know that the newborn photography industry is currently unregulated. This means that there is no specific qualification or training that a newborn photographer must have before they start to offer this service.

So what that means is even a novice photographer can setup shop and call themselves a newborn photographer without any training and this can potentially put your babies safety at risk.

If you don’t have a personal recommendation from someone you trust do your own research. Your baby is thee most precious and important little human in your life so when you are going to book a session with a Newborn Photographer its absolutely fine to ask them these questions.

How much experience do they have in handling babies?
An experienced photographer will have no problem handling and soothing your baby and being able to get them to sleep if they are a bit unsettled, equally they may understand that the baby has a bit of wind that needs brought up before they settle. So its absolutely fine to ask your Newborn
Photographer how much experience they have handling babies and how many they have worked with.

How do they pose the baby using props that are elevated from the

Never should a baby ever be left on its own without someone being very near it (within arms reach) when posing either on a beanbag or an elevated prop. Equally babies should always be supported when specific specialised poses like the froggy pose are being done. I have included an example of how this pose should be performed safely.

Before and After shot of how to safely pose for the Froggy Pose

Here is a little bit about me and my history coming into the Newborn World:
From the second I seen a Newborn photography image that was it for me, I knew I had found my calling in life. So I set out to research everything I could about it. The first thing I did was go to the internet and watch as many videos as I could. I bought my first book Babies and Bellies by Sandy Puc and read it from cover to cover. I asked 2 friends could I take some images of their baby so I could handle the baby and try and get some experience and it was in those moments I knew 100% I needed professional training in this specific field. Even though I was already a photographer I had 0 experience in working with Newborns.

So I researched and found the top 3 UK newborn photographers. They were the founding members of BANP, which is now BANPAS A professional body of Photographers who practice safety while posing.
I contacted all 3 and I setup a 1-1 training in England with 1 of them. It cost me A LOT of money but it was an investment into my future career so I jumped onto that plane and I’ve never looked back.

The following year I did a workshop with the other 2 and 6 months later they were over in my studio running their workshop from it. During my training I was taught the safest way to handle the baby, how to soothe, settle and listen to the babies crys. How to pose the baby using props and how to make sure baby is safe at ALL times. I was also advised how to prepare the room for the babies comfort eg ambiance of the room and the optimum room temperature to pose newborns.

Now as an experience Newborn Photographer I have worked with hundreds of babies and not once have I ever had a baby that wouldn’t settle. It comes with experience and confidence being able to soothe the baby. They get windy and sometimes they cry but I know the difference between: “don’t annoy me” and “I’m in pain” crying and if the baby is windy or just needs to be soothed we stop what we are doing until they are happy again. All my sessions are baby led. I have NEVER forced a baby into a pose it didn’t want to do. I have even had parents joke several times saying “will you come and settle baby in the middle of the night for me?” I’ve also have had so many parents think their baby wont settle but with the experience and the right surroundings baby has settled and posed no problem.

So Parents whomever you choose as your Newborn Photographer go into the session fully aware of their knowledge and safety and experience. Your baby is thee most important and precious little human you have so make sure their in the best possible hands.