A little bit about me and my photography business:

If I was to sum myself up in a few words it would be Fun, Loving, Creative and Spiritual.

I am lucky enough to be a mum of two beautiful girls and I have been doing photography professionally now for a few years. I am 3rd generation photographer and proud to say I am the first female from the family to do so.

Growing up I knew I always wanted to be a photographer and envisioned being a wedding photographer. However when I started and had my first experience photographing a young child, it stole my heart and I knew this was the path I had to go down.

There is no vanity with children, they don’t care what they look like or who see’s them.

Kids just want to have fun and now every day I have the privilege of jumping into their world to explore and have fun while capturing their inner essence at that time.

They light up the entire studio with their presence and that is what drives my passion as a photographer to capture them during these special times.

I feel truly blessed that my job is also my passion and I really adore every aspect of it. I really am following my own path while capturing the kids in theirs.